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HINSLR tip for R30a

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HINSLR tip for R30a (Downloadable)



Based on the design specifications of Dr. Darick Nordstrom, this is a tip for use with his laser techniques, including OraLASE, TraumaLASE, etc.  This is for extraoral use only (as is the R30a handpiece itself).  It may be wiped down with common dental surface disinfectants.

For FDM printers, I recommend printing from It is printed from PETG, an inert plastic more commonly used for soda bottles and bottled water.   More recently, PETG is seen as a material for clear face shields.  PETG, as well as most commonly available fdm filamenats, should not be sterilized above 70C/158F.  Do not autoclave these tips.  We not tested it with UV-C sterilization, but it is resistant to that wavelength range as well.

For resin printers, I recommend printing with supports and a biocompatible resin.  Surgical guide resins are biocompatible and typically very fast printing as well.

These tips will withstand multiples uses, but the plastic will eventually wear/fatigue.  When it becomes loose, it should be replaced.

If the tip is too tight or too loose, scale it up or down by 1-5% in your slicer and reprint.  I recommend printing just one for fit before making a large batch of them.

Dr. Nordstrom does not earn a royalty from these designs.   If you have access to your own 3d printer, we will be making the file available for free download.

If you do not own a 3d printer, you may order a printed version here.


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