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Dust Collector Vac Tray


A printable STL for a vacuum organizer tray



I review a two in one dental vacuum and working light for the dental lab workbench. It illuminates and sucks dust while you are working. It does consume some desk space, so I designed and printed an organizer tray with a magnetic bur organizer.


This zip file includes the STL files to print this organizer on most FDM printers.

Print one tray, and 6 of the FOOT files.   If you do not want the magnet trays, print it plain.  A “Bur Block” file is provided for you to print separately, or to overlap onto the tray in the slicer.

Materials: PLA or PETG recommended.  ABS would work as well

Settings: use your default slicer settings.  Thicker layers would speed printing.  No supports are needed.

Assembly: use a hot glue gun or epoxy to set the legs in place.  On the 1.0 version, the corner leg opposite the big hole should NOT be glued in.

Use silicone ear plug putty, bite registration, or rope wax to stick the foot onto the vacuum base.


Affiliate links below:
Buy the vacuum dust collector here from a reliable US seller that I’ve purchased from many times. $65 at time of writing.

Rare earth magnets, 60x10x5mm



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