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Funnel Filter Holder for Sprintray Resin Bottles


Dust Collector Vac Tray

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Sprintray Resin Interceptor Funnel Holder


This is printable functional fan art.  It’s designed to fit on top of a Sprintray resin bottle to facilitate using a paint filter.



Please note that Sprintray does NOT recommend filtering resin back into the same bottle–they recommend a one way workflow: source bottle to tank, tank to disposal bottle.  I leave it up to you on how and why you want to use this.  This is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only.  It’s not to be used as a clinical or medical device.  Nobody at Sprintray or anywhere else recommends or endorses this. Your mileage may vary.  This was designed entirely by me from scratch on Tinkercad.

The STL files are included for use on the Sprintray Pro 95, but will probably work in any other resin printer with a large enough print volume: 156x101x143mm is the largest part size.  This will consume 110mL of resin, or a bit more if you optionally add supports.  The biscuits absolutely require supports, so I built some AT-AT style suppports for them.  You will also need a wash system large enough to handle it.  Instructions for printing are included in the zip file.  For post curing, I used the Anycubic curing turnable, though I had to cut a cardboard circle to rest it on top of the turntable.  You could also just leave it out on the sun to post cure as well.

It will also print on a well tuned FDM printer in PLA or PETG.  Higher shrink filaments such as nylon or ABS not recommended.  I’ve printed it successfully on the Prusa i3 MK3s with MMU2.  It took over 60 hours–so monochrome printing and painting is recommended for most sane people.

Painting is optional.  I’ve attached photos showing my (just passable) masking and paint job.  I used my kids’ acrylic paint.  It’s economical, dries fast, cleans up easily with water, and leaves a matte finish.   If you’re real fancy you can do all the sponge and distress painting and show me up.  It’s all good.

Version 1.4 Update:

The version 1.4 is nearly identical to version 1.3
The only difference is that there are now threads to screw it onto the bottle.
Print the version 1.4 front instead of the 1.3 front.
Print the rest of the parts and assemble as before.
Version 1.3 front is still included in case you prefer that.



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