Bright, soft lighting for your dental smartphone photos.  Our best selling intraoral photography kit for iphone, Samsung, and more.

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The VPR-500 is a new larger version of the VPR-400.  Compared to the VPR-400, it has:

  • 50 percent more battery capacity (3000 mAh vs 2000 mAh per LED panel)
  • digital dimmer control
  • bi-color LED’s – warm or cool the color temp of your light.  Warm light to blend with your room light, blue light to make your work pop.
  • About 20mm (3/4″) additional height and width.  Length remains roughly unchanged from VPR 400 unigrip.
  • Some additional weight from the extra battery capacity.
  • larger camera opening which allows use of camera without zooming (though at least 3x zooming is still recommended for intraoral shots)

This is a brand new product, so more information will be posted development continues.


Here are the setup instructions for the VPR 500.


Pricing: The basic unigrip is $599.99 MSRP and is a great fit for most users.  All VPR 500 variations produce the exact same lighting and image quality.  Additional grip options will add comfort for some, but will increase size, weight and cost.

New variations now available! (photos coming soon)  Dual grip and bluetooth dual grip models!  These are the new “forte” design, which are fused into the body for an ultra stable, ultra strong unit.  Dual grip adds +$25 cost over unigrip, as its a larger, more complex print.  Bluetooth dual grip adds an addition $25 to the dual grip.

New colors available!  (more colors and photos coming soon)  Color prints require 3-5 days more production time.  $25 for the custom printer setup.


Additional information

Weight35 oz
Dimensions9 × 6 × 5 in
Grip style

Unigrip, Dual Grip, Bluetooth Dual Grip


Black, Cobalt Blue, Tiffany Blue


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