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Bright, soft lighting for your dental smartphone photos.  Our best selling intraoral photography kit for iphone, Samsung, and more.

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Vu’s Phone Rig diffuses two LED panels to your smartphone to create powerful yet soft lighting for your dental photography. Designed by Dr. Vu Le and 3d printed in his garage workshop, it’s the only patented product on the market that uses a magnetic quick release–no more clamps or screws. VPR has the highest light output of any dental product on the market…it’s bright enough to act as a fill light across a room. The VPR is protected under under U.S. Pat. No. 10,667,696 B1


All VPR units have these awesome features:

  • Compatibility with all major smartphones: iPhone 14 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S2x Ultra Plus. Anything under 100mm wide for VPR 500
  • Magnet quick mount – attach the included steel stickers to your phone case, and two huge embedded magnets secure your phone to the VPR. No clamps, sprints, or adjustment wheels are required.
  • Diffused dual lighting – Offset diffuser panels are securely mounted to the frame create soft yet defined lighting. The diffusers also reduce eye strain for your patients (shaded eye goggles are still recommended for them).
  • In body charging – LED panels can be charged without removing them from the frame using standard micro USB cables (included) and any USB charger (not included).
  • Hot swap capability – you can purchase spare LED panels for hot swapping during long shoots.
  • Designed and made by a dentist, for dentists and their team members.
  • Tripod mount
  • Customer support – we personally answer emails, phones and texts.
  • 1 year warranty – we will replace defective parts with free shipping within the USA (international customers may incur additional shipping charges)
  • 30 day return policy – return the product with no questions or strings attached.

Advatanges of newer VPR 500 over the older VPR 400:

  • Larger light source = softer light at equal distances
  • 2.8x more light* at maximum intensity than the VPR 400*1.5 stops of exposure difference spot metered at 150 and 300mm from subject
  • 50 percent more battery capacity (3000 mAh vs 2000 mAh per LED panel)
  • OLED digital display – you know exactly how much light every time
  • higher maximum power – useful at longer distances
  • bi-color LED’s – warm or cool the color temp of your light. Warm light to blend with your room light for testimonials, blue light to make your work pop. We are the ONLY dental photography solution with variable color temperature.
  • larger camera opening which allows use of camera without zooming (though at least 3x zooming is still recommended for intraoral shots)
  • Wider “sweet” spot – all shots look good, but there is a wider “sweet spot” of distances where it looks the best. So it’s more forgiving of shooting too far away.
  • Future proof – No phone has broken the 80mm width limit of the human thumb. But VPR 500 could accomodate a theoretical 100mm wide phone.
  • Parts availability – the VPR 500 is built on a newer LED panel from a larger company, so it’s more likely (though not guaranteed) to be available for replacement parts longer

Reasons to pick the VPR 500 unigrip:

  • It’s the smallest, lightest, and easiest to travel with.
  • It’s held in your right hand, similar to an SLR.  Your thumb presses the screen button to take a picture.
  • Doctors who shoot during surgeries tend to favor the unigrip.
  • You can brace the left side with your other hand for added stability when needed.
  • The unigrip is the sturdiest model

Reasons to pick up the VPR 500 Versagrip:

  • It’s my new favorite because it allows so many shooting options.
  • All the phone and tablet mounting options of the VPR 500 Reels
  • Side by side handles vs underneath for smaller form factor
  • Smaller form factor (no accessory board or bluetooth)


Here are the setup instructions for the VPR 500.


Additional information

Weight 35 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 5 in
Grip style

Unigrip, Dual Grip, Bluetooth Dual Grip (Closeout), Versagrip, Reels Edition (Discontinued)


Black, Cobalt Blue, Tiffany Blue


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