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Photo Box Kit


Beautiful black background kit for photography of dental full arch restorations and prosthetics.


It’s a very simple idea–a black ceramic tile, and a black background.  The 6″ black ceramic tile gives your dental prosthetics that perfect, subtle reflection without the double relfection you sometimes get from using an ipad or a piece of glass.  The black background blocks stray light, and folds up to protect the ceramic tile for travel and storage.


Technique for smartphones is simple:

  1. Open the box and lay down the tile
  2. Clean dust and fingerprints off the tile
  3. Turn on your VPR, and turn the brightness at max or close to it
  4. Open camera app, set zoom to 3x
  5. Tap the subject on the screen
  6. Slide the exposure down or left to make the background go black
  7. Shoot the photo

For dedicated cameras, set your camera to the usual intraoral settings.  A 100mm macro lens (or 60mm Olympus)  is recommended.  So are twin flashes.  Ring flashes are not recommended, though flashkap may work.  Divuser will produce good results as well.

For years, I’ve instructed people to buy the tile and put black construction paper behind it.  Nobody NEEDS this kit.  But everyone who sees it WANTS one.  It’s slick.  It’s just very cumbersome to print, and there really aren’t enough dentists to commission an injection mold run.

If you want one, you may order here for $149.  We will make them and send them in between VPR runs.  Allow 1-2 weeks for production.


Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 1 in


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