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diVUser for Olympus 60mm lens



VPR 500 Unigrip 2 with iPhone 15 mounted with magsafe

Custom Logo Imprint


Add a 3d printed logo to your divuser or VPR.


Currently, we can customize the diVUser with almost anything.  The VPR is a bit more challenging to customize, but some additional logo space may be created for users of Apple or Google phones (which have the lens in the corner rather than the center).

This service is subject to approval.  It’s best to contact us first prior to ordering.  To print a custom logo, we’ll need a vector graphic of your logo.  We accept Adobe Illustrator (ai), encapsulated post script (EPS), and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files.   OBJ and STL files containing the logo in 3d would be even better.  The custom logo setup fee is $300 for the first product.  Subsequent orders with custom graphics would receive a reduced fee of $100 per customized product.  Allow an additional 7-10 working days for design and production.

Customers will NOT be allowed to download a digital copy of the customized product.  We reserve the right to cancel any customization for any reason. Cancelled orders will be refunded.  Cancelled customization service would be refunded for the amount charged.


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