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Lightwalker Coupler Cap


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A 3d printed replacement coupler made for Fontona Lightwalker AT-S and all models with similar coupler.  The internal taper will snugly fit the coupler without touching the lens.  It is multi-color printed, so the colors should never chip or scratch off.  PETG is food safe, recyclable, and chemically resistant plastic which is widely used to make soda bottles.  As it is a 3d printed product, there will be some small cosmetic flaws and visible layer lines.  This is more apparent with PETG material than other choices, but it’s a tradeoff for durability and color resistance.  This should be practically impossible to break in routine dental office use.  Not rated for dueling or combat.

Cleaning: Disinfection wipes are safe.  Colors may fade over time as with all plastics, though high alcohol wipes will fade them faster.  Cold sterile is not recommended. Do NOT heat or autoclave above 80C.  This is not intended for intraoral use.

Get the printer coupler cap for FREE when you bundle it with my VPR, my patented smartphone camera lighting system.  Get studio quality smile lighting easily and consistently.  Add both this coupler and the VPR to your cart.  Use coupon code “freecap” at checkout to save $60 on the combined purchase.

Free download: If you have your own 3d printer, you can download the file for free Thingiverse.  (the STL file will allow unlimited monochrome prints)


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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 4 × 1 × 1 in


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