VPR 400


Dental photography smartphone lighting with professional studio quality and magnetic quick release.  Bright, soft and easy to use lighting for your smartphone.

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Vu’s Phone Rig diffuses two LED panels to your smartphone to create powerful yet soft lighting for your dental photography.  Designed by Dr. Vu Le and 3d printed in his garage workshop, it’s the only patented product on the market that uses a magnetic quick release–no more clamps or screws.  VPR has the highest light output of any dental product on the market…it’s bright enough to act as a fill light across a room.   The VPR is protected under under U.S. Pat. No. 10,667,696 B1




Sample Images


Options Explained:

Grip Size:

VPR with dual grips

Standard dual grips (+$10) are the best for most users, especially beginners. The two comfortable handles extend down from the sides of the rig. They can be removed or stored upside down to reduce size for travel. If you have a Samsung phone, we highly recommend using the voice triggering option in the settings–this allows the camera to capture by saying”smile” or “cheese”.  Because you have both hands holding the rig, it is the most stable choice for shooting video.  They include two removable feet, which allow the rig to stand upright on a counter.  They are “pidgeon toed” in the photograph because that configuration avoids digging into the palms during shooting.  Do not stand the rig in a location where it can be knocked over.  The rig is self standing but may tipped by an errant arm or hip.

VPR with dual bluetooth grips

Bluetooth dual grips (+$20) These dual handles have been lengthened about an inch (25 mm) to fit a bluetooth trigger. The added length makes the grip more comfortable for most, and for some the tactile trigger button is more satisfying as well.  The disposable coin battery (CR2032) may need to be changed every few months. Bluetooth triggers may disable your onscreen keyboard until the remote is shut off. There are unconfirmed reports of bluetooth incompatibility with the Invisalign app. If you come across an incompatible camera app, shut the bluetooth trigger off. The VPR was designed to work with or without bluetooth, so your thumb should be able to reach the screen regardless. Like the standard dual grips, the bluetooth option will be more stable for both stills and video compared to the uni-grip.

VPR with uni-grip in hand
The unigrip-model is meant to be operated with your right hand, much like a camera. The thumb is used to press the shutter button on the smartphone screen.

Uni-Grip A single adjustable grip on the right side of the rig wedges your fingers against the led panels.  This rig is designed to be operated with one hand.   This smaller, more agile option is the best option for step by step documentation of a procedure.    The side grip will be an easy transition for those accustomed to using an SLR or mirrorless camera one handed. The dual grip models are more stable for video, but you can get some of that back by using your left hand to brace the other side of the rig. If you have a Samsung phone, we highly recommend using the voice triggering option in the settings–this allows the camera to capture by saying”smile” or “cheese”.

VPR with Unigrip in hand
With its adjustable inline handle, the uni-grip is the most compact of the VPR family.




  • Right handed magnets (as pictured) are the default option, because it’s the best setup 99% of the time.  The lenses are in the middle, and the smartphone’s bottom sticks out to the right.
  • Left handed magnets still have the camera in the middle of the rig, but the phone’s bottom sticks out of the left of the rig.  This is best for phones with the lenses in the center.  iPhone and all similar corner mount cameras (recent Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy Note) are incompatible with the left handed magnet option.  This is the least popular option
  • Ambidextrous magnets (+$5) have magnets on both sides.  That allows you to do both lefty or righty phone mounting on the same rig.  It does NOT make the retention any stronger, because a phone can only engage one side of magnets at a time.  Ambidextrous magnets make the rig 6 ounces heavier.All VPR come with two removable and reversible grips.  You can use one, both, or no grips at all.  The grips are configured independently of the magnets.


  • Black is probably the best for most users because it is always in stock and will have the best print quality.  Pease allow an additional week for printing time if other colors are ordered.  We will photograph a swatch here as time permits.  The teal resembles Tiffany Blue. Sky blue is similar to what the Los Angeles Chargers use.  Because every VPR is 3d printed, small blemishes are to be expected, and may show more in lighter colors.


Compatible Phones include, but are not limited to:

iPhones : iPhone 6, iPhone 7/7+, iPhone 8/8+, iPhone X, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs MAX, all iPhone 11’s (Pro, Max, Pro Max, Standard), iPhone 12 (mini, standard and pro; pro max).  Magsafe phones may require a simple magnet adjustment on the vpr.

Samsung: Galaxy S8, S8+, S9, S9+, S10, S10+, Note 7, Note 8, Note 9, Note 10+ Ultra

The VPR fits the iPhone 12 Pro Max, 11 Pro Max (pictured) Galaxy Note 10+ and all major smartphones.

What about other phones not listed?  Any smartphone with a corner camera that is 80mm width (from left the right) or narrower should fit through the VPR’s main aperture with the default right handed magnet mount.  Apple, Huawei, and Google tend to use corner cameras, and the trend is going towards corner cameras now.  In left handed magnet mount, a corner mounted phone lens would be on the bottom, so the width of the phone becomes less of an issue.  Virtually all center mounted cameras (LG, Samsung, many others) will shoot fine.

What won’t work? The phone (preferably in a smooth TPU case) should have a flat surface to stick the metal plate for magnetic retention.  Pop up discs, kickstands, or handles may prevent the smartphone from mounting securely to the VPR.


Compatible tablets: is it compatible with the ipad?

Tablets are not recommended or supported because the overall size and weight would be very large, awkward and heavy.   We cannot guarantee adequate retention or patient safety.


Patented Features

Magnetic quick release requires a metal sticker (included with purchase) adhered to your phone case.  We recommend simple, flat, TPU cases. Shop for TPU phone cases on Amazon.   Affiliate link: we will earn a small referral commission at no additional cost to you.


Why is it 3d printed?

Our products are made with Prusa printers.  Using fdm (fused deposition modeling) allowed us to launch the product with very little startup cost.  Continuing to 3d print them allows for minimal inventory costs, rapid prototyping, continuous improvements, and customer requested customizations. We listen to customer feedback and that’s why everyone loves this product.


Want A Closer Look?

Here’s the setup video for the VPR 400 series, including the dual grip, bluetooth, and uni-grip body styles.


Additional information

Weight28 oz
Dimensions9 × 6 × 6 in
Grip Style

Standard Dual Grip, Bluetooth Dual Grip, Uni-Grip


Black, Cobalt Blue, Tiffany Blue, Neon Orange, Dark Purple, Big Yellow Bird


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