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R30a Oralase & HINSLR tips


3d Printed Tips for your Fotona R30a for the Oralase and Babylase techniques and more.

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This is my original design, based on the work of Dr. Darick Nordstrom.   These tips are for use with his laser techniques, including OraLASE, TraumaLASE, etc.


Which tips do I need?

The shorter HINSLR tip is designed for extraoral use.  The longer Oralase tip is designed for intraoral use.    If you need printed copies of both types of tips, please add them to the cart separately.  If you are downloading the tips for 3d printing, you’ll get a zip file with both tips included.   The files are free for you to download.


What is it made of?

It is printed from Sprintray Nightguard Flex, an FDA clearance class II medical device material.  For practical purposes, this material is safe for extended intraoral use.  We use in my practice for nightguards.  To keep your costs down, they are not polished and may have minor support nubs remaining.  These will not affect fit, clinical performance, or presentation value to the patient.  They are smooth, light purple and translucent.


Why do they cost more now?

Dr. Nordstrom has approved these designs for use by doctors who have taken his approved courses.  He does not earn a royalty from these prints, and they are being offered for a printing fee.  Resin printing does take more time and labor to make these than the prior PETG prints, but he has challenged me to produce the tips with as little toxicity as possible.



Can I reuse it?

The tips may be wiped down with common dental surface disinfectants, but cannot be heated or sterilized above 70C/158F.  Do not autoclave these tips.  These tips will withstand multiples uses, but the plastic will eventually wear/fatigue.  When it becomes loose, it should be replaced.  Please consult with your local and state regulations for required disinfection and sterilization requirements.


Can I print them myself?

YES!  And I would highly prefer that you print them yourself, which is why the STL files are being offered for FREE.  If you have access to your own 3d printer, please select the downloadable STL files, which are being offered for free.  You can print them in filament printers with a food safe PETG, or in a resin printer with an FDA validated workflow.  If you are interested in 3d printing for your office, please consult my friends at CAD-RAY for the latest recommendations.  (Disclosure: I am a Key Expert / Key Opinion Leader for Sprintray and receive free goods and speaking honorariums from them)



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HINSLR, Oralase, Download STL pack

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3 Pack, 12 Pack, 24 Pack, 50 pack, Both files included


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