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Sprintray Drip Jack


R30a Oralase & HINSLR tips

Oralase tip for R30a handpiece

Sprintray Pro Wash Divider


A printable divider for the pro wash that allows prints to stand up.



Printing Instructions

I recommend printing with PETG on an FDM printer.  For best strength, use 5 perimeters, and no top layers.  Any nozzle and layer height should work.  PLA will work in the short term, but alcohol will degrade it much faster than PETG.  I printed this on the Bambu X1c with the “strong” preset, with zero top layers and 5 perimeters.

On a Sprintray Pro Printer, use a mostly rigid resin like Nightguard flex.  It *might* work with die and model resin, but you might have to loosen it up slightly.  Print with no supports for fastest printing.  You should be able to print them in a Pro 55 flat to platform.  It has NOT been designed for vertical printing–it would be weaker and less reliable to that way.  The divider is only flat on one side; be sure to use the “select base” function in Rayware to get it flat to the platform.  Some minor trimming may be needed.





Additional information






8mm at base, 3mm at top


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