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Funnel Filter Holder for Sprintray Resin Bottles




This is a printable funnel filter holder.  Hang the funnel filter over your bottle, center it, and pour slowly from your resin tank.  This frees up one hand to pour the tank and a second one to work the spatula.  I recommend straining your resin whenever you are changing tanks, or if you start having print failures.

What this includes:

A zip file with two STL’s.  One is optimized for Sprintray resin printers.  The other is a simplified version for FDM; we don’t need to conserve material so the pillars were made solid to simplify printing.


Print settings for Sprintray DLP: this has been overengineered so that model resin will do.   Use Die and Model 2 with the factory profile settings.   You can print this without supports on the Sprintray Pro 95, though there will be some big-footing.  Wash on the Pro Wash unit.  You’ll have to trim some off the bottom of the central ring, and on the corners of the pillars.  Post cure after trimming.

Print settings for FDM: You can print this in PLA or PETG with your default profiles.  If there are fit issues, scale the pillars slightly larger or smaller.


Paint filters can be purchased at your local hardware store.  You can also purchase paint filter cones on Amazon.  (affiliate link)





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